Let’s (not) go Brandon

There is electricity in the air.  Conservatives and Republicans are energized.  Democrats are depressed and heading for the exits before the crushing red wave next year.  Conservatives are excited because, after next year’s elections, the Republicans will push a conservative agenda against Biden…. Continue Reading →

The last Christmas?

            My Christmas decorations are up.  I’m streaming Christmas music.  The season is in the air.  I’m going to enjoy this season. Perhaps it is because of the cardiac event I had a few weeks ago that I was lucky to survive.  Or maybe it… Continue Reading →

A Chinese solution to their debt crisis?

China’s debt crisis is getting worse and still has a long way to go. How will China escape this economic disaster? If I had to put money on it, I’d guess they choose the worst possible option. China could nationalize… Continue Reading →

How do you spell disaster?

How do you spell disaster in Washington?   It is spelled “bipartisan.”  Bipartisan legislation is not always bad. There are plenty of examples of both parties working together to benefit the country. But when lawmakers put lipstick on a bad, unpopular… Continue Reading →

The lynching of Marjorie Greene

Marjorie Greene is probably the most controversial Representative in the 117th Congress.  The fiery Republican from Georgia ran as strongly pro-Trump Representative.  She has become famous for her tweets about QAnon conspiracies.  Recently, an old tweet resurfaced where she blamed fires in California on… Continue Reading →

Free Market Green Energy

Most of the left accuses conservatives of hating “Green Energy.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Conservatives don’t care about so-called “Green Energy,” one way or the other. What conservatives hate is government interference in the free market.  Conservatives do not want… Continue Reading →

My Cancer Story

Everyone with cancer has a story. This one is mine.

Sugar Farmers Matter

No one thinks much about sugar.  That is, until you want it to sweeten your drink or make your food taste better.   And most people don’t think about where their sugar comes from.   Sugar is farmed in fourteen states. They are… Continue Reading →

Who will really be running the country?

January 20, 2021.             “I Joseph R. Biden, do solemnly swear that…..” The nightmare scenario for conservatives, Republicans and a lot of Americans is Joe Biden, being sworn in as the 46thPresident of the United States.  A lot of conservatives are dismissing… Continue Reading →

American food first

Most of America has been suffering under “safe at home” orders for almost a month.  Because of the Corona Virus, or as it is technically called, COVID19, grocery stores have had limited hours and Americans have gone to their grocery stores… Continue Reading →

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