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Killing us with insurance

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer.  The diagnosis and fight have been bad enough.  What is worse is the insurance fight. After the Democrats passed the laughably called “Affordable Care Act,” prices skyrocketed.  Where before, I could afford a pretty… Continue Reading →

The missing Republicans

Impeachment fever is gripping Washington.    Every day, there is a new revelation it seems.  There is another whistleblower and another leak or twenty, from Adam Schiff and the Stalinist trial he is conducting under the protection and secrecy of the. House… Continue Reading →

Where is the outrage?

Conservatives scream in absolute rage about wasteful government spending. As well we should.  Point out a wasteful welfare program, and the most dangerous spot could be the space between conservatives and a microphone as conservatives race to denounce the horrible abuse… Continue Reading →

Make Sugar Great again

Make Sugar Great Again! Okay, it doesn’t have the same ring as, “Make America Great Again!” but sugar is something the Trump administration should work on making great again.  America produces a lot of sugar. So does other parts of… Continue Reading →

What would J. Wellington Wimpy do?

J. Wellington Wimpy was a famous cartoon character in the Popeye comics.   Known as Wimpy, his most famous line was, “I will gladly pay you on Tuesday, for a hamburger today.” Unfortunately, far too many policy makers want to follow Wimpy… Continue Reading →

Who wins 2020?

Pericles said, “Just because you don’t take an interest in politics does not mean politics will not take an interest in you.” Politics has a huge impact on business and our lives.   Having said that, Donald Trump is a certainty… Continue Reading →

It’s the subsidies, stupid

In 1992, as Bill Clinton was running for President, his campaign manager, James Carville posted a sign in the campaign headquarters. “It’s the economy, stupid.” Republicans love “free trade,” but someone needs to put a sign in front of them that… Continue Reading →

The coming storm

A storm is coming and if you are not preparing, then you are deluding yourself.  This is an economic storm like nothing we have seen before.   In 2007, the economy sank like a rock. There were several reasons for this… Continue Reading →

Five ways to get out of a traffic ticket

We’ve all had the experience.  We are driving along and suddenly we see the lights behind us.   We aren’t sure what we did wrong, but our day, not to mention our driving record, is about to get worse.  Traffic tickets are frequently… Continue Reading →

Where is the alternative?

Recently Facebook deplatformed a meal plan group that was favored by Crossfit and its followers.  Crossfit responded as follows: Recently, Facebook deleted without warning or explanation the Banting7DayMealPlan user group. The group has 1.65 million users who post testimonials and other… Continue Reading →

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