Not so crazy

September 6, 2016 — 3 Comments


A friend of mine pointed out that from the 70’s on, Phyllis Schafley repeatedly warned us the goal of the left was unisex bathrooms and women in combat.
The left claimed she was crazy.
Look where we are today.
There is a trend there that we should be alarmed by. Conservatives point out the logical consequences of liberal policies. Conservatives point out where liberal policies will take us and it is a place no sane, real American wants to go.
Liberals tell us we are crazy.
Then look where we end up. Liberals claimed Obamacare was not a prelude to socialist, single payer healthcare. Conservatives warned that is exactly what Obamacare was for. Yet now as Obamacare fails, look what they are calling for.
Liberals say they only want “reasonable” gun control, but look at what is going on in California. Conservatives have warned that liberals want to destroy the 2nd Amendment and look at the new laws in California that will do just that.
Liberals claim they only want tolerance. Conservatives explain that the liberal definition of tolerance is that liberal views are heard and conservative views are silenced. Liberals once again call conservatives crazy for saying that but look what is happening on college campuses as university bureaucrats and radical left wing students work together to make sure conservative voices are not heard and conservative opinion is not found on the campus.
The next time a conservative warns you about something outrageous the left wants and a liberal says, “No, you’re crazy. That’s not what we want.” You can be absolutely certain that it is what they want and what they will do.

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