In his famous Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln described America as a government of the people, by the people and for the people. That is the ideal of America.

In the 21st century, we discover a cold hard truth. America is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is a government of special interests. The welfare of real Americans be damned! The special interests are going to have their way, even at the cost of the well being of real Americans.

The government and special interests are doing something to real Americans now that will shock you.

What is it?

Big business is just as much of an enemy to real America as the far left. Big business has a problem. Payroll expenses are too high. What that means in real terms is taxes are too high.

To get around the cost of hiring real Americans, many companies are now using the H1B visa program. The H1B visa program is a program that is supposed to allow workers who are in critical areas where there are shortages of certain skills into the country.

For big business, that is an excuse to import cheaper foreign labor and put real Americans out of a job. In theory, foreign workers can be brought in for a period of up to six years, but here is the kicker. H1B visa holders are supposed to be paid the same rate as American workers.

The United States Senate is investigating Southern California Edison for firing American workers and replacing them with lower paid foreign workers brought in under the H1B visa program. To add insult to injury, many of these workers are being forced to train their foreign replacements.

While the Senate is focusing attention on the problem of corporations misusing the H1B visa program, the real problem is the visa program itself.

Instead of using the visa program, America should use the free market. Study after study has shown the so-called shortage in “STEM” workers is a myth. There is no shortage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math graduates. In fact, there is actually a surplus of graduates in America.

The free market can cure this problem. When there is a shortage of a skill set, wages for that skill rise and it attracts more people into that field.

The H1B visa program creates an unholy alliance of big business and open borders advocates. Both have the same objective, which is to destroy the middle class. Big Business doesn’t want to pay middle class wages. The open borders nuts simply hate America and want to see America transformed into a socialist hellhole.

The H1B visa program is a disgrace. It is a war against real Americans. Congress should immediately repeal the H1B visa program. With 93 million Americans out of the workforce, there is absolutely no reason to import workers into America.



About this time 30 years ago, my wait had begun. It would end sometime in the spring when I got a letter that would change my life.

I was accepted into law school.

One hot day in August 1985, I took my place as a 1L. Three years later I had passed the bar and was a lawyer.

The timing of my entry into the legal profession was good. The generation of lawyers who had gone to law school on the GI bill was retiring and while their children, the baby boomers were replacing them, the supply of lawyers did not exceed the demand of clients.

In the fall of 1985, a tragedy befell the legal profession and it has never recovered from it. That tragedy was the hit show, LA Law. LA Law was not the first lawyer show on TV. It was the first one that made lawyers look really cool. They were hip, sexy, not focused exclusively on the courtroom and Arnie Becker was sleeping with half the beautiful women in LA. For a number of years, the image of the actor playing Becker driving down the LA freeway with the top down in his Porche was an icon of the 80’s lawyer.

When I returned for my second year of law school, the 1L class coming in was twice the size mine had been.

That trend has continued for thirty years with law schools admitting more and more students and more and more graduates taking and passing the bar.

People periodically ask me about going to law school. Some are asking because they are thinking about it or their kids are. My message is consistently the same.

Don’t do it.

There are far too many lawyers chasing far too few jobs. There are far too many lawyers chasing far too few clients. Ten years ago, when the economy was booming, even the most marginally talented lawyer could hang out a shingle and make a good living.

No more.

Today the fastest growing area of law is what is known as “E-Discovery” or document review. Lawyers are hired in batches of 50 or 100. They spend eight hours a day or more sorting through emails and corporate documents for discovery in major litigation cases. They are paid $20 to $25 an hour and they are temporary workers. Their projects can last for a day or as long as a year. Most of the firms that hire them do not offer benefits.   Usually after a few weeks, a project ends and they are looking again.

Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be lawyers.

Most young lawyers who graduate today are buried in debt. Many of them are shocked, shocked, that their law schools lied about job placement rates. Many unemployed lawyers or even employed lawyers have to supplement their incomes with second jobs to pay their student loan debts.

A lawyer’s primary job is to give advice. Lawyers do not have to be in practice long before discovering the truism that that people don’t always follow your advice.

My advice is don’t go to law school.

Some people are going to ignore that advice.

Okay. Then here is what you need to do.

If you go to college, you will have to endure something known as an academic advisor. As soon as you mention you want to go to law school, they are going to try and push you into a pre-law program.

Understand this. Your academic advisor is a moron. If he or she were not, they would have a real job.

Get a real degree. A real degree is a degree that can land you a job. These are degrees such as business, math, science, or engineering. Just because you are admitted to law school does not mean you will graduate. Some people flunk out and some people have to drop out.

Any of those degrees will help you find a job as a lawyer after law school. If your undergraduate degree is women’s studies you deserve to be both broke and unemployed.

Before you go to law school, decide what kind of lawyer you want to be. The days of the generalist are over. The sad truth is most lawyer’s area of practice is dictated by their first job out of law school and the first job is dictated by who will hire them.

There are many different career paths for lawyers. You can be a career prosecutor, criminal defense lawyer, civil litigator, patent lawyer, international lawyer and the list just goes one.

Decide what you want. Then find a law school that offers a track of study to help lawyers in that era. 30 years ago, the only real specialization lawyers found was at the graduate (LL.M.) level. Today many law schools are known for their programs in specialized areas such as litigation, bankruptcy or international law.

To maximize your chances for success, look for a niche area of practice. In addition, consider a joint degree. A J.D./MBA is very popular right now. A J.D./Masters in Nursing is also very desirable for certain practice areas. If you really want to punish yourself, a couple of universities offer joint J.D./M.D. programs.

A number of law schools are radically cutting admissions. A couple of law schools may close.

Finally, if you insist on going to law school, what ever you do, remain debt free. There are programs that will help pay off your student loans in exchange for several years of employment. The problem is you have no guarantee of getting one of those jobs and the entry level salary of most attorneys (assuming they can find a job) is not enough to service $100,000 in student loan debt.

The market for lawyers may not shake itself out anytime soon. As long as the economy remains mired in the Great Obama Depression, jobs will remain scarce. Many baby boomer lawyers are at the age their parents retired but they cannot afford to.

If you really, really want to be a lawyer and plan your steps out, you can do it.

But the real question you should ask is why would you want to?


A year ago, Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report Tweeted “Have an escape plan.”

What is yours?Men Waiting Outside Al Capone Soup Kitchen

For anyone an escape plan is crucial. If you are over 40, if you do not have one, you are living on borrowed time.

What it is possible an economic disaster in the next couple of years is avoidable, it is the most likely outcome.

Right now, labor force participation is at record lows. The number of Americans employed is the same as it was in 1978. That is 35 years ago. The economic depression has destroyed 35 years of economic growth and thanks to those folks in Washington, the damage is not all done.

If you are a retiree or approaching retirement age, the future is not pretty. Medicare is supposed to run out of money in 2026. Allegedly Social Security will run out of money in 2033.   Neither of those figures take into consideration the massive increase in payouts that will come with Amnesty.

For those relying on government or private pension plans, the news is grim. While pensions are in theory guaranteed by the Pension Benefit Guarantee Board, that organization only had funds to absorb two or three major pension funds that collapse.

The future may not be that bad or it could be worse.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

The government, through incompetence or design, is making it harder and harder to survive in the middle class on a job or a pension.

So what do you do?

Some people advocate going overseas for retirement. Their dollars will go further there and if there is more social unrest in America, they can avoid it.

What happens if you take your wonderful retirement in say Belize and suddenly you don’t have a pension or social security anymore? How far will your dollars go when you don’t have any dollars?

The escape plan is for everyone to start their own business.

The tax code is still skewed in favor of business and small businesses are exempt from many of the regulations that are choking big business. For example, businesses with less than fifty employees are exempt from Obamacare.

What kind of business?

That’s up to you. The possibilities are limitless. These can be businesses you work full time or part time. Age is no limit. If you are worried about your age, partner with one or more people who are younger than you.

Unfortunately the economic storm clouds are showing up on the horizon again. Anyone who is simply holding on to their job with the idealistic belief that will save them is living in a fantasy world. People will get laid off. Even government employees will lose jobs. Big businesses will fail.

It really comes down to one simple question. Do you want to be in control of your own fate or do you want to leave it in the hands of someone who has no interest in your future.

When Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America, no one had any idea what he had in mind.

Recently USA Today, hardly a conservative paper, ran a shocking story a couple of weeks ago. The story was called “Seven things the Middle Class can no longer afford.”

The most appalling of the seven things USA Today listed the Middle Class can no longer afford is medical care.

That’s right. In the most prosperous nation in the world, the Middle Class can no longer afford to go to the doctor. Ten years ago, Americans did not worry about this. Healthcare, specifically health insurance was affordable. Most people got it through their employment. Even those who were self employed could find affordable health insurance.

No more.

According to Gallup, 38% of Americans who make between $30,000 and $75,000 have put off medical treatment because of costs!

America is the nation that brags it is the wealthiest nation in the world with the greatest, at least until now, medical care. Almost 40% of the Middle Class is now putting off medical care because they cannot afford it.

In ten years, thanks to Obamacare, we have gone from health insurance almost everyone could afford to health insurance few can afford. Even the health insurance that is now available has insanely high deductables.

The deductables are so high; the insured might as well not have health insurance.

It is beyond despicable that because of a bad law, now almost 40% of middle class Americans must put off medical care because of cost. Obamacare was sold to the American people on lie upon lie. It is reprehensible that the Democrats and especially the Republicans, having seen the failure of Obamacare and the hardship Obamacare has brought to the American people, are doing nothing to repeal it.

When the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in 2011, they promised to repeal Obamacare. Instead of working to repeal it, they engaged in a series of meaningless votes, just so they could say they had tried.

Today the GOP is barely giving lip service to the idea of repealing Obamacare.

Millions of Americans have lost their health insurance and neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem to give a damn.

It is time real Americans send an ultimatum to Washington. Repeal this bad law or we are going to start repealing politicians.

Today is Labor Day.

While most Americans simply view Labor Day as the end of the American Summer, it is a leftist holiday designed to celebrate socialism. Fortunately most Americans just ignore that and take in one last summer weekend before the fall starts.

But as Labor Day hits this year, the Republicans, at least some of them, are getting a clue. They are finally figuring out one of the foundations of the GOP isn’t such a good idea. They are also discovering a path to a real GOP majority.

What is this revelation?

The GOP has traditionally worshiped at the altar of big business. The theory the GOP operated under was, if it is good for big business, it is good for America.

The Republican Party overlooked the slow metamorphosis of big business from being a solid bastion of Republicanism into a leftist coalition funding the modern left wing movement.

Big business has demanded amnesty for the last twenty years. After all, payroll is the largest single expense any business has and if the market can be flooded with cheap labor, that will drive down payroll costs.

Like Pavlov’s dog, the GOP immediately slobbered every time big business said amnesty. The Party leadership ignored the long term consequences of amnesty, namely giving the Democrats a permanent majority.   They also ignored the short term consequences, namely angering the conservative base.

Now, on this Labor Day, the GOP seems to be waking up to the idea they have it wrong.

Senator Jeff Sessions, Congressman Steve King and others are pointing out the obvious. Slavish devotion to big business in general and to big business’ insane demand for amnesty is suicide. If the GOP reaches out in a populist manner to American workers to fight against amnesty so American workers will have jobs, they will win.

Despite the Obama Regime cooking the books for the unemployment rate, the underlying numbers do not lie. 92 million Americans are out of the work force. This is a record number. The only job creation that is going on in America right now are jobs that go to immigrants, illegal and otherwise.

Despite the fact illegal immigration will hurt their members, almost every labor union supports amnesty. After all, the left wing agenda is far more important that supporting working Americans who are union members.

If the Republican leadership is smart, and that is assuming facts not in evidence, they will oppose amnesty and support American workers over illegal immigrants.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan won by winning over so-called “Reagan Democrats.” The blueprint exists. Republicans can win by reaching out American workers who have been crushed by the Great Obama Depression and who will be wiped out by Amnesty.

This is the GOP path to majority.

Will the Republicans be smart enough to follow it?

During the 2012 campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination, there was enough intrigue to create 20 years of material for the Netflix show “House of Cards.”

One of the more intriguing stories involved Iowa State Representative Kent Sorenson.

Sorenson lined up early behind Michele Bachmann and when her star ascended it looked like Sorenson had the good political fortune of being with a winner early. When Bachmann’s star fell as fast as it rose, Sorenson then jumped ship to Ron Paul.

Bachmann screamed, claiming Sorenson was bribed. There were a lot of rumors to that effect. The story faded and died with the end of Bachmann’s campaign.

Until recently.

Kent Sorenson recently pled guilty to concealing $73,000 in under the table payments from the Ron Paul campaign. Those payments were presumably to get him to switch sides.

Now there is another casualty in this scandal. He is Jesse Benton. He is a long time Ron Paul associate, is married to Paul’s granddaughter and until Friday was the campaign manager for Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign.

Benton resigned as his name came up in the Sorenson scandal.

Benton became famous a few months ago when he said he was working for McConnell and “holding his nose” until that was done, so he could then go to work for Rand Paul’s 2016 Presidential campaign.

There are some serious questions that need to be asked.

While Presidential campaigns bring in a lot of money, even in the early primary stages, $73,000 is not chump change. According to reports published in Open Secrets, high level officials in the Ron Paul campaign tried to work out an arrangement with Sorenson to switch his allegiance from Bachmann to Paul.

According to the facts Sorenson stipulated to in his guilty plea, the Paul campaign paid Sorenson $73,000 over a period of months and those payments were routed through other companies.

Sorenson now faces sentencing and there is something everyone should know about sentencing in Federal Court.

Federal Courts are governed by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. At one point, they were mandatory, now the are only “advisory.”

However, the only way in Federal Court to get any serious leniency is to cooperate with the government and have the government file a motion for downward departure from the guidelines.

At this point, Sorenson has a serious interest in cooperating with the Department of Justice. There are independent grand juries investigating the 2012 Presidential campaigns of both Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul.

For Republicans a thorough investigation of the Ron Paul campaign is a necessity. Rand Paul is considered one of the top tier contenders for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. The last thing the Republicans in general or Rand Paul in particular needs is to be midway through the campaign and suddenly have top personnel in his campaign indicted.

The day after the election in November, the Presidential race starts. The last thing Republicans need is a long string of indictments of Republicans dribbling out.

So far the emails and other documents released do not implicate Ron Paul in any wrongdoing.

This scandal is not hurting Mitch McConnell. Benton is gone from his campaign and that may be on terms that McConnell is happy with.

But Benton is close to not only Ron Paul but Rand Paul as well. An indictment of Benton could be damaging to Rand Paul and his 2016 aspirations.

Most people can relate to being bullied as a child. It happens to a lot of kids. It happens to other kids and they watch.

And then there are the bullies who grow up to be bullies as adults.

We all know how to deal with bullies. But few have the courage to do so.

There is a group of bullies that threatens real Americans. We need to stand up and push back against these bullies. Who are they?

They are atheists.

In a recent incident, reported by Todd Starnes of Fox News, the militant, bully group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation declared war on a school in

What was the crime?

At a football game at Seminole High, one of the players was injured. While he was attended, the other football players took a knee and said a prayer for the injured player.

The atheists went into full brain dead mode. In a full display of cranial-rectal-itis, the atheists fired off a letter complaining. As Starnes said, “it truly takes a special kind of evil to threaten Americans because they prayed over an injured child.”

Evil and stupidity in one package is a dangerous combination.

Without bothering to check, the FFRF claimed that an adult had led the prayer and demanded this cease and desist, along with a demand that the school no longer have voluntary chaplains.

The school board blew off the FFRF demand letter by pointing out there was video of the “incident” and it showed no adults leading the prayer. In fact, the school district does not even have chaplains.

When this was pointed out to FFRF, they immediately claimed victory.

Since the FFRF lied initially, why shouldn’t they lie about winning?

America has a choice. It can embrace the Judeo-Christian heritage that made this nation great or it can embrace the ideology of the far left and the lunatic atheists.

Why is it America is the most charitable nation in the world? It is our heritage. Why is it America has more charitable institutions than any other nation? Why is America the greatest nation in the world? It is because of our heritage.

The militant atheists want to impose their version of reality on us. Ignore theology for a moment (debating theology is above my pay grade) and just look at the history. In the last century, the greatest mass murderers all have one thing in common.

They were atheists.

One thing all of the atheist states have in common is their penchant for dictatorship, violence and mass murder. Look down the list of atheist leaders and you see a history of tyranny.

How many people did Lenin kill? How many did Stalin kill? How many did Mao kill? How many were killed in the killing fields of Cambodia or how many die daily in atheist North Korea?

These people promote an ideology of evil.

They do not believe in tolerance or equality. They do not believe in free expression or debate. They want to force religious belief out of the public square and then want to drive it totally underground. They want to force people to agree with their religion or they want those who disagree in reeducation camps or worse.

It is long past time we start calling these people out.

Compared to atheists, politicians look like saints.

What is the worst thing you think an atheist has done?


Cheering for defeat.

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September 2nd will mark the 69th anniversary of the surrender of Japan in Tokyo Bay, aboard the U.S.S. Missouri.

It also marks something else.300px-Shigemitsu-signs-surrender

While many Americans, particularly baby boomers, look back in nostalgia at the achievements of the greatest generation, there is something else America must consider.

This is something America’s leadership does not want to talk about.

What is it?

In a rare display of actual journalism, CNN’s Jim Acosta grilled White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Wednesday. Acosta asked a very simple question.

“Is the president’s strategy to defeat ISIL – to defeat ISIS?”

That should have been a simple question to answer. A one or two word answer would have done it. Either “yes,” or “Hell yes!”

Instead, Earnest hemmed and hawed. His answer was:

“First and foremost, Jim, the president’s strategy is to protect Americans who are in harm’s way . . . principally the president’s focused  on protecting the national security of the United States of America, and in this case, protecting American personnel that are harms way.”

Acosta would not give up and fired back, “If ISIS is a cancer (as Obama called it Tuesday), does he want to defeat it?”

Finally Earnest said, “Well . . .  of course, Jim. But the goal of this action, and what the president is focused on, as we pursue this strategy . . . is safeguarding the American people and putting the foreign policy interests of the United State first and foremost.”

No one needs a Ph.D. in Washington speak to figure out what Earnest was saying. No, Obama has no desire to destroy ISIS. Obama has no desire for American victory. And of course, he has no plan for America to win.

That is the problem.

America no longer has leadership that believes in victory.

Obama managed to blow the victory in Iraq. He is simply marking time until American forces can be withdrawn from Afghanistan and then that nation can fall to radical Islamists.

It is not just Obama who is at fault here. When George W. Bush ordered American troops first into Afghanistan and then into Iraq, instead of victory, he became distracted with nation building.   Instead of winning, he fueled a massive government industry spending binge that benefited business, the Iraqi government, radical Islamists but not the American people

George H.W. Bush did the same thing. Instead of seeking victory in the Gulf War of 1991, he simply stopped short of victory.

In Vietnam, Richard Nixon fought the communists to a standstill and left Vietnam stable. Democrats stabbed South Vietnam in the back and today Vietnam is a communist nation.

In Korea, when Harry Truman had the chance to win the war, he punted. Dwight Eisenhower was forced to settle for a stalemate.

Victory is a word that is no longer in the American lexicon. Today, America faces a grave threat in the Middle East. ISIS is an evil, the like of which America has not seen since World War II.

ISIS is a real and present danger to America. It could be defeated today.

But Barack Obama is cheering for the enemy.

Just last year, he wanted America to arm them and bomb Syria for them. Today he is ordering minimal airstrikes that accomplish very little but make great video for press releases.

As the world saw after World War II, there are benefits to victory.

As the victims of ISIS terror are seeing in Iraq and Syria today, there is a horrible price to be paid for defeat.

A lesson in death

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Last Friday, Margaret Hutchon died.

Odds are, very few Americans have ever heard of Margaret Hutchon. She was a Briton and not well known outside of her hometown in the UK.

But her death should be a huge warning for America.

Who was Margaret Hutchon? How and why did she die and why is this so important for America?

Margaret Hutchon’s death was a bit ironic considering her job. She had served as what is known as a “non-executive” director of the Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.death-by-bureaucracy

NHS is the Britain’s National Health Service. It is the centrally planned, socialist healthcare system that Barack Obama and the Democrats would like to impose on America.

Ms. Hutchon had a series of intestinal operations beginning in 2009. In June 2013, she was rushed back to the Hospital. She needed further surgery but that surgery kept being put off.

It was put off four times.



That’s right. Not the condition of the patient. Not the doctor’s opinion on the necessity of the surgery. It was scheduling.

In the British NHS system, the government pays for and controls all aspects of healthcare. The government cannot approach the efficiency of the free market. That is why American healthcare has been so good, until now.

Anyone who has even a fundamental understanding of economics understands how supply and demand works. Liberals ignore the fundamentals of economics, showing they really should be members of the Flat Earth Society and not people who are in any position of authority.

In the free market, when demand exceeds supply, market forces create new supply.   When the government controls the market and demand exceeds supply, the only thing the government can do is to ration supply.

So Ms. Hutchon had her supply rationed and she was eventually rationed out of her life.

In America, even despite Obamacare, she would have received her treatment. She would be alive.

While it is harsh, it is hard to be sympathetic to this woman. How many people, just like her died, because she was another cog in the socialist wheel? How many people died because she helped ration care?

The NHS is the ultimate expression of the triumph of evil over liberty.

In our Declaration of Independence, America announced that all people are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Centrally planned healthcare, also known as single payer, which is what the left wants for America is the victory of the state over the individual. Under Britain’s centrally planned healthcare system, the value of a human life is the value the person has to the state

There is a warning here. This is what Obama and the left want for America. Obama and the left were able to break up the opposition that existed in the 90’s to centrally planned healthcare by bribing big business.

Unfortunately for real Americans, the Democrats want to impose socialist healthcare and the Republicans just don’t want to fight.

As baby boomers slide into the population that we call senior citizens, they are going to be in for a rude surprise. Boomers will not receive the quality healthcare their parents received in their last years.

With the centrally planned healthcare the Democrats want in America, many boomers will be lucky to receive any healthcare at all.

What would happen if we had a scandal and no one came? No one came to cover the scandal that is.

There is a major political scandal in Washington right now. The left wing, drive by media is decidedly uninterested. Even Fox News seems only mildly interested and certainly not interested enough to really push this story.

Only the conservative blogosphere seems really outraged by it and willing to talk about it.

What is the scandal?

It is the IRS email scandal.

The Obama Regime has done its best to keep those emails from the public eye.

The obvious question is what is in those emails that the Obama Regime considers so damning that they do not ever want them to see the light of day?

At first the IRS claimed the hard drive on Lois Lerner’s computer crashed and could not be recovered. Then the contract with the company that was supposed to back up IRS data was mysteriously terminated.

Now the IRS is slowly admitting what everyone with half a brain already knew. There are back ups and the IRS does have access to them.

Lawyers for conservative groups, as well as the House Oversight Committee want those emails. Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit to force those emails to be turned over. The prevarications from the IRS finally forced a federal judge to launch an independent investigation of the IRS and the emails.

The latest claim from the IRS is that recovering the emails would be too onerous. The claim of onerous is an exemption under the Freedom of Information Act that allows a federal agency to avoid complying with an FOIA request.

Given the IRS’ history of lying to the courts and to the Congress about the emails, that excuse probably is not going to hold water.

What is going to happen when those emails start coming out?

America will find out what was so damning in those emails that the Obama Regime would go to extraordinary lengths to keep secret.

Perhaps a better question will be, when will the media decide this scandal is worth pursing?

If a Republican President had tried the stunts that the Obama Regime has tried, there would be headlines day in and day out. The drive by media would be demanding a special prosecutor and the resignation and prosecution of the President.

Instead of being an “adversarial” media, the drive by media has been the palace guard for Obama. They have been more interested in covering up scandals in the Obama Regime than investigating them.

Perhaps there is some justice in the fact that CNN, one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Obama Regime, is being forced to lay off staffers. Instead of pimping the race hustlers or endlessly talking about downed Malaysian airliners, if CNN focused on this scandal they might have viewers, ratings and advertising revenue.

That would require CNN to buck the liberal dominance of the media.

Every day, despite the lack of media coverage, this scandal gets worse.

Perhaps next year, when the Republicans control both the House and Senate, a special prosecutor will finally be appointed. That is, if the Republicans show more interest in this scandal than the liberal media.

So far, they haven’t been too interested either.