This year’s Super Bowl was pretty much a snoozer after the first play where Peyton Manning received a miscued snap that ended up in the end zone for a safety.

After that, the only thing worth watching the Super Bowl for was the commercials.  The play or lack there of in the game has already been forgotten.  But there is one commercial that has not been nor should it be.

Which one is it and why?

Well, if you either watched the Super Bowl or have been following news online, you have heard about or seen the Coke commercial.

The reaction has been strong on both sides.

The Coke commercial was multi-culturalism on parade.  It was a recitation of “America the beautiful” beginning in English and running through a number of other languages.  It featured almost every sub-group of American demographics, including, according to GLAAD the first homosexual “family” featured in a national commercial.

I missed that one but I’m still trying to figure out what the purpose of the commercial was.

Last night, I flipped on Fox Business, where they have a show called “The Independents,” led by someone named Kennedy, who I think used to be on MTV when MTV played music videos.

The panelists on the show all sounded like they were on parole from MSNBC.  They all denounced the racism, xenophobia and jingoism of those who did not like the commercial.

They miss the point.

No one understood the commercial and no one understands people who speak different languages.  The real issue is that in America we speak English and we need a common language that we all understand so we can function as a nation.

America is not a nation of small factions.  America is a nation of Americans.  But that is something the left cannot stand because they believe America is evil.

A hundred years ago, immigrants came to America and wanted to be Americans.  They refused to teach their children the languages of the nations they came from because they wanted their children to assimilate and become Americans.

Today the left wants to balkanize America.  Granted balkanize is probably a word that has too many syllables for most liberals, but if you look at the history of the Balkans you understand it.

Yugoslavia disintegrated in the 90’s into a bloody civil war because its people identified themselves by their ethnic identity instead of being Yugoslavian.  The same story is repeated in Afghanistan and parts of the Middle East.

Now the left wants to do the same thing in America.

As for the Coke brand, I’m done with it.

The commercial is as good a reason as any for me to do something I’ve been thinking about for some time.  That is stop drinking cokes as we call them in the south.

Soft drinks aren’t really good for you anyway.  Tea or coffee is much better so I’m done with coke (and Pepsi too).

Personally I hope the Coke Super Bowl commercial is as big a disaster for them as New Coke was.

And maybe next year they should talk to the people at Budweiser on how you do a good commercial for the Super Bowl.



Thank you Harry Reid!

January 30, 2014 — 3 Comments

Thank you Harry Reid?

Why would a conservative say anything nice to Harry Reid?  Why would a conservative thank Harry Reid?  What could he possibly do that would merit thanks and gratitude from real Americans?harry6

Harry Reid has done something and he should be thanked for it.

What is it?

Harry Reid has pretty much killed Barack Obama’s dream of a Trans Pacific Partnership that would destroy America’s sovereignty and economic power.

Yesterday Reid announced his opposition to Obama’s bid for what is known as Fast Track authority.  Fast Track allows Congress to abdicate its Constitutional role in regulating trade and allow the Regime to negotiate a deal in secret that will then not be debated by Congress and can only be given an up or down vote.  Under Fast Track, no amendments to the bill can be made.

As I have written many times, the Trans Pacific Partnership is a disaster for America on so many fronts.  It is an assault on American sovereignty, as it would subordinate American courts to international bodies, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

Reid’s opposition kills Fast Track and probably kills the Trans Pacific Partnership for now.

In Washington, nothing is ever permanent and it is hard to say that the Trans Pacific Partnership is permanently dead.

Why did Harry Reid move to kill the Trans Pacific Partnership?

Probably because of pressure from Unions.

Opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership is one of those interesting issues that the 90% of the left and 90% of conservatives agree on.  Unfortunately for America, the Chamber of Commerce and big business is all for the TPP as well as for Amnesty.  There is a reason why Karl Marx favored unrestrained free trade.  He believed it would help hasten the end of the free market system and bring about socialism.

The interests of big corporate America are for the most part no longer the same as the interests of liberty and freedom.  Unfortunately in many instances big business is working against freedom and liberty.

There is a lesson to be learned from the Trans Pacific Partnership.  Most of the time the left is not on the right side of freedom and liberty.  But occasionally they get it right.

Opposition to the TPP came from both conservatives and liberals.

There is nothing wrong with working with the left when they are on the right side.  Let’s all remember, during World War II, we worked with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany.

Fortunately today at least for the moment, the Trans Pacific Partnership is stopped.

And of all of the people we have to thank, surprisingly enough, it is Harry Reid.



Abortion Barbie had a very bad week.

Wendy Davis is known to many conservatives as Abortion Barbie.  She is a Democrat State Senator in Texas and is running for Governor.

wendy-davis_1Last year, she was an unknown Democrat State Senator thinking about higher office when she decided to raise her profile in Democrat circles the old fashioned way.

She bowed and scrapped to the multibillion dollar abortion industry.

She filibustered a Texas abortion bill. Her actions were mostly futile as the end result was a special session of the Texas legislature, which passed the bills anyway.

But Wendy Davis stood in her florescent tennis shoes and swore her loyalty to the only thing that matters to Democrats.  That is the money base of the party, which is the abortion industry.

As Davis set her sights on Texas’ highest office, the myth of Wendy Davis was born.  She was a single teenaged mother, living in a trailer.  She pulled herself up by her bootstraps, completing first college, then going to Harvard Law, all while being a wife and mother.

It was a compelling narrative but as with most liberal narratives, it was a lie.

As it turns out, Wendy Davis was never a single teenage mother.  She was a single mother but she got divorced at 21. She lied about that fact in a federal law suit.  The Department of Justice just indicted Denish D’Souza, a conservative for lying on a Federal Election Report and improper campaign contributions.  Anyone want to bet the Department of Justice is not even looking into Wendy Davis’ perjury?

Wendy Davis’ story falls apart under scrutiny.  Not only was she not a single teenaged mother but she worked her way up the old fashioned way.  She married an older man.

They had another child together.  Her husband, an attorney, cashed out his retirement so she could go to Harvard.  He kept the children while she attended Harvard for three years.  Almost the same day he made the last payment on her student loans, she left him.  The divorce originally claimed infidelity on her part.  The divorce was settled in a non-contested fashion.

Wendy Davis gave up custody of both of her children, including the one by her first husband, to her second husband.  She said, “It’s not a good time for me right now,” in explaining why she gave up her children in order to advance her career.

Additionally her ex-husband sought a restraining order prohibiting her from consuming alcohol or illegal drugs before or during the time she was around her children.

Wendy Davis’ story is the essential liberal story. She has to lie about herself. Liberals lie.  They do it obsessively.  Barack Obama lied about his life.  If you believe he was born in America, he lied to his publishers and agents, claiming to have been born in Kenya.  He lied about being a professor of Constitutional Law at a law school in Chicago.  He has lied repeatedly during his administration.

Bill Clinton lied repeatedly and perhaps most famously when on national TV he denied a relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

Liberals lie about their policy objectives.  They never say they want to raise our taxes then that is exactly what they do.  They only want to raise taxes on the rich but they neglect to tell us that if we have a job, we are considered rich.

Barack Obama knew Obamacare would destroy health insurance in this nation and make it unaffordable.  He knew that we would not be able to keep our doctors, but he lied about that anyway.  He lied when he told us Benghazi was caused by an anti-Muslim film.

All of this comes down to one simple issue.

If liberals are such good candidates and if liberal policies are so good for us, why do they always have to lie?


CNN did a story yesterday called, “Why are lawyers killing themselves?”

Lawyers rank fourth in suicides by occupation.  Lawyers have massive problems and the legal system is not only letting lawyers down, it is letting the American public down.

Courthouse_of_Polk_County,_GeorgiaI know a thing or two about being a burned out lawyer because I was one.

I am more fortunately than many of my brothers and sisters in the bar.  My story has a happy ending.

For those who are not in the legal profession, there are a lot of things people do not know about lawyers.

Most lawyers are lawyers by accident.  They go through undergraduate school and are political science majors or history majors.  Many have a useless undergraduate degree.  Many of these future lawyers hit a point about a year before graduation and they have to ask themselves, “What the hell am I going to do after I graduate?”
Usually someone suggests law school.

The usual response is, “why not?”

When I was in law school, in a class of a about a hundred and thirty, I can remember exactly one person who said she dreamed of being a lawyer when she grew up.  I decided I was going to become a lawyer because I took an interest inventory test that said I would be a good lawyer.  I had never dreamed of being a lawyer, but between that test and a degree in International Relations that wasn’t that employable, it seemed like a good idea.

Most people think the lives of lawyers are like those on TV shows.

We wish.

Some lawyers are trial lawyers and for me trying cases was a blast.  I loved trying cases.

Unfortunately for lawyers very little of their time is spent trying cases.  A lot of their work is drudgery.  It is looking up case law.  It is drafting motions and briefs and writing contracts where you look for boilerplate language that has been used before.

Why is life so miserable for lawyers?

There are a lot of reasons.  Most lawyers entered jobs they were not prepared for nor even desired.

Lawyers are neither loved nor appreciated.  That is part of the problem.  Most lawyers who are in private practice are in some type of a consumer practice.  Consumer practices include criminal defense, divorce and bankruptcy.

No one is ever happy to see a lawyer in those circumstances.  Nor are they happy to see a lawyer if they have to sue someone or if they are being sued.  No one is happy to see a lawyer.  Perhaps the only lawyers with happy clients are lawyers who specialize in representing lottery winners.

The legal profession is a brutal caste system.  If you did not go to a top law school and were not top in your class, the top judicial clerkships are not open to you and the big law firm jobs are closed as well.

However, that may not be that much of a loss for most folks.

A few years after I graduated, I bumped into a classmate of mine. She had been on law review and she had graduated at the top of our class.  She was working for one of the big firms. She was a year away from partnership.  She told me that she worked 14 hours a day Monday through Friday, 12 hours a day on Saturday and 10 hours a day on Sunday.   She was making a lot more money than I was, but I had weekends and holidays off.

The problem now days with lawyers is there are too many lawyers and they are chasing too few clients now days.  For decades law schools have been cranking out too many lawyers.  I started law school in August of 1985.  There were about one hundred and thirty in my class.  A month later LA Law debuted.  The class that started in August 1986 was twice the size of my class.

Tennessee has six law schools!  It only has two medical schools.   That means there are too many lawyers being produced.

Lawyers are fighting hard and hard to make even less and less money.  Younger lawyers are crushed with student loan debt that at this point, they have no realistic path to pay off.

One of the problems lawyers face is that cruel fact that the profession expects them to be perfect every time and if they are involved in litigation, they must go up against someone who is also expect to be perfect and destroy them.

That is not a recipe for happiness or even psychological well-being.  Too many lawyers burn out and then far to often turn to alcohol, drugs or even suicide.

I practiced beginning in April 1988.  I worked for a number of years as a prosecutor and then went into solo practice.  I knew I was getting tired of being a lawyer but I had a couple of wake up events that really got my attention.

In fall of 2004, I was leaving one morning to go to the office and then to go to court.  I wasn’t paying attention and almost walked off the side of my porch.  While that doesn’t sound that bad, at that spot it would have been about a five foot drop and I would have broken my leg.  I thought to myself, if I broke my leg I’d get out of several days of court appearances.  A broken leg almost seemed worth it.  I knew I had a problem then.

A year later, I was sitting in my office.  I didn’t feel well. Then I began to have chest pains. The pain radiated down my arm.  I stood and  I was dizzy.  A rational person would have called 911.  I drove myself to the hospital.  Not to the nearest hospital but the hospital nearest my house.

The good news is, it was not a heart attack.  My blood pressure had skyrocketed to stroke level.  I was kept in the hospital overnight.  That night I vowed I was going to get out of practicing law.

It took a while.  I tried a couple of things but by 2012 I shut down my practice.

Two years later, I do miss some parts of practicing law.  I miss the camaraderie of the lawyers at the courthouse.  I miss trying cases.

For lawyers who practice in courthouses, they can pick out the problem lawyers.  They can tell you which ones are starting down the road to burn out.  They can tell you which ones are going to end up with substance abuse problems or already has them.  They know which lawyers are eventually going to get their law licenses suspended.

A lot of lawyers do not need to be lawyers any longer.  But most of them have no idea what they what they would do if they were not practicing law.

The real problem the legal profession has right now is there is no way to get lawyers out of the profession who need to leave.  Most states have lawyer assistance programs for lawyers who have substance abuse problems or mental health issues.   Yet there is no program to help transition troubled lawyers out of the profession.

The problem is not the lawyers.  The problem is the profession that so many lawyers are unsuited for.  If states are serious about intervening to prevent suicides by lawyers, they need to create programs to help lawyers leave the legal profession.  Many have been lawyers for twenty or thirty years.  Most of them have no idea what they could or would do.

Many troubled lawyers hang on to the legal profession, like a drowning man, simply because they are afraid.

A legal education is one of the best educations in the world. Being a lawyer is an honor.  Practicing law has it moments of absolute joy and exhilaration.  It also has crushing lows.

Being a lawyer is a wonderful experience and it is a noble profession.

It isn’t one that is worth dying for.



When one of America’s top admirals says that America is in decline, it is something we should pay attention to.

Admiral Samuel Locklear, the Commander of the Pacific fleet said as much.  He said, “Our historic dominance that most of us in this room have enjoyed is diminishing, no question.”140115-N-ZG705-276

Admiral Locklear was speaking specifically of the Pacific Ocean where a resurgent China is now challenging America for superiority, but in general terms what he is saying is true.

America is in decline and we can thank Barack Obama for that.  In his recent memoir, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the only defense issue that Obama got passionate about was the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Perhaps he was excited about that because retired Admirals and Generals almost uniformly said that repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” would have a detrimental effect on the American military.

Three years ago, Obama announced America would “pivot” from focusing on Europe to focusing on the Pacific.  Focusing on the Pacific requires a different set of tools than Europe.  Among other things, it requires a larger Navy.  The Obama Regime has been cutting the size of the Navy, along with the rest of the military.

But it’s not just the military; it is national security in general.  Obama is not only not interested, he is clueless.

The Government Accountability Institute revealed a devastating time line prior to the attack on the American facility in Benghazi Libya.  For days before the attack, Barack Obama was missing from the Presidential Daily Briefings.

There were plenty of warnings about Benghazi yet Obama was too busy campaigning to pay attention.

The first duty of the President and the Government is to protect the Nation.  That is one of the specific duties the Constitution gives to the President.  The Constitution is that inconvenient document that Obama constantly likes to ignore.

He doesn’t want to protect America nor does he want America to be a great nation. What he wants is to be a dictator.

Barack Obama is unfit to be a commander in chief and unfit to be a President.

America’s only hope is to elect conservatives in 2014 that will fight Obama and in 2016 elect a conservative President who will undo the damage the Obama Regime wrought.





Now that it is January, most state legislatures are going back into session.

State legislatures normally have a pretty full plate when they come back into session.  There is the basic business of the state that must be done.  Budgets must be passed and resources must be allocated.  This is not an easy job since most states have constitutional requirements that their budgets be balanced.

In addition, there is the usual plethora of special interest groups that want new laws passed.  Most of these laws are really bad ideas.  We have too many laws.

But there is one good law state legislatures could pass.

What is it?

The West Lafayette Louisiana Police Department is purchasing an MRAP.  That is a mine resistant armored personnel carrier.  The MRAP was developed in the last ten years to protect American troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan against IEDs or improvised explosive devises. Navistar_MaxxPro

The military is downsizing as the war in Iraq is over and Barack Obama is in the process of losing the war in Afghanistan.

The government has a lot of military surplus equipment so what is it doing with these surplus armored personnel carriers?

They are selling them at bargain basement prices to law enforcement agencies.

Here is the obvious question.  Why does any police department need an armored personnel carrier?

There are some military surplus items that make sense to sell to local law enforcement.  Pistols and perhaps some M4 carbines make sense.  Body armor is another item that makes sense.  Helicopters for large law enforcement agencies makes sense as well.  As does selling the ubiquitous humvee.  While many of those humvee’s are armored, the humvee has a practical use.  In disaster situations, it can go places other vehicles cannot.

There is absolutely no need for police departments to have armored personnel carriers.  Some law enforcement departments have bought M-113 APCs.  These are tracked vehicles made famous in the Vietnam war.  They are made to be resistant against not only bullets but even mortars and rocket propelled grenades.

Why does any law enforcement agency need these items?

The answer is they don’t.

There is one law that should be introduced in every state legislature and that is a law that prohibits law enforcement in every state from purchasing MRAPs or other armored personnel carriers.

Even if the military is selling them at a bargain price, why does a police agency need them?

The answer is they do not.

And a police chief or a Sheriff says they do need an MRAP, it is time the citizens of that community start questioning his motives not to mention his sanity.


Spain Michelle ObamaWhere in the world is Michelle Obama?

Well she is still in Hawaii.

Today is roughly the 25th day of her Hawaiian vacation.

The foreign press is all over this, claiming the Obama’s are having marital problems.  Perhaps they are.  Perhaps they are not. Who really cares?

But the story of the missing Michelle Obama is important for two reasons. First, she is enjoying herself in Hawaii while the taxpayers have to foot the bill for her trip.  Second, because the American media is not saying a word about it.

The story is particularly outrageous because of the cost.  To keep the extra Secret Service agents in place in Hawaii is costing at a minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars.  That does not count the other costs, such as the vehicles that have to drive her around and the return of those vehicles back to Washington.  Finally there is the cost of the plane that will return Michelle Obama and her entourage back to Washington.

The White House is predicting her return on Wednesday but has not said how she is traveling.  It is a safe bet that she is not getting a $49 discount fare on Southwest.

Odds are, she will be traveling on a C-32A, which is the Air Force’s version of a 757.  The flight costs for that airplane on a round trip from Andrews Air Force Base to Hawaii will be a million dollars.

Where is the drive by media on all of this?

It is of course silent.

The mainstream media is mostly in the tank for Obama.  Those who are not are bullied by the regime.

So far, at least twenty-two journalists have gone to work for the Obama Regime.  Okay, it is tough being a journalist these days.  There aren’t as many jobs, the jobs don’t pay as well and the real journalism is mostly being done by bloggers so journalists have little else to do besides being shills for the regime.

The slavish devotion of the media to an agenda and to a corrupt regime is shocking.  The American tradition is not to have a lapdog media but to have an adversarial media.

But that really only applies when there is a Republican in the White House.

If Laura Bush took the kind of vacations Michelle Obama took, we would never hear the end of it.  If the next Republican first lady wants a girls weekend in Europe with a few of her friends, we will hear to no end the cost to the taxpayers.

Does the media utter one peep about the Obamas?

Of course not.

The Obamas are the ultimate socialist hypocrites.  They don’t care about the poor.  The poor are just their ticket to live like royalty on someone else’s dime.

So if you want real news, look at the blogosphere.  Or if you want something that is simply just more accurate than the American mainstream media, there is always the state media of North Korea.




Obama_signs_health_care-20100323In just a few days, the Congress will take up the issue of raising the debt ceiling.  Once again, Barack Obama will want more money to waste, squander and push America further towards bankruptcy.

If this the Obama agenda, why on earth should conservatives go along with raising the debt ceiling?

It is time conservatives learned a lesson that liberals learned long ago.  There is nothing wrong with compromise as long as it advances your agenda.

What is the agenda we need to advance?  What is the one thing that is worse than raising the debt ceiling?


We have to destroy Obamacare.  Obamacare will do to America what it has done to every other nation that has tried socialist healthcare.  Not only will it destroy the healthcare system, it will bankrupt the nation.  In Britain and in Canada, socialist healthcare consumes vast resources.

So what is the compromise?

Republicans should go along with a reasonable debt ceiling increase but in exchange for that, the Republicans in Congress must insist that sections 1341 and 1342 of Obamacare be repealed.
What are those two sections?

They are the insurance company bailouts.

This is part of the bill that Nancy Pelosi said Congress had to pass in order to find out what is in it.

Has anyone wondered why the insurance companies are not up in arms over Obamacare?  It is simple.  Even though Obamacare is destroying their business, provisions 1341 and 1342 of Obamacare bail the insurance companies out.

This is why the insurance companies do not care.  They have been bought off.

This is the issue conservatives should fight over.

For messaging purposes, this issue could not be better.  The Republicans can say, we are willing to be reasonable on this but we do not think that America should borrow more money just to bail out the big insurance companies.

No one likes big insurance companies.  They make a great villain and the idea that we are bailing them out would be politically unpalatable in an election year.

Conservatives would support this, as would a lot of independents and even some liberals.

This is the message we must give to every Republican Senator and Congressman.  We will let you slide on raising the debt ceiling but the insurance bailouts of Obamacare must be repealed.

We are not going to be able to stop the debt ceiling increase.  We could but John Boehner and Eric Cantor have not stomach for a fight.  So the question becomes how do we win?

The answer is simple.  We compromise to victory.

We cannot stop the debt ceiling increase this time. But we can take Obamacare apart.


America’s public school systems are socialist.  The question is why Americans have been putting up with this for decades?

A lot of people throw the word socialist around without knowing what it means.  Socialism can have a lot of meanings but it is primarily an economic term.  Socialism means that the allocation of resources are controlled by the state.  In the free market, the allocation of resources are controlled by the free market.

Recently in Nashville Tennessee, parents gathered to see if they had won the lottery.  The lottery in this case was not a cash lottery but it was to see if their child had been admitted  optional school program.

In most large cities, Nashville included, there are special or optional programs that children can be admitted to.  There are never enough openings or to put it into economic terms, the demand exceeds the supply.

So what is the government’s response?

The government only knows one way of dealing with a shortage of capacity.  That is rationing.

If the free market were in charge of schools, there would be simple solution.  The market adjusts.  When there is demand in the market, someone comes in to fill the demand.

The government doesn’t know how to do that so we end up with rationing.

In Nashville, it is a lottery.  In other cities, parents have to camp out days in advance to get slots in optional programs.  Through out America, millions of children are enslaved in a failing public school system.  They are imprisoned in a failing school controlled only by where they live.

If you are a poor child, odds are your school is substandard and you are trapped there because school assignments are dictated by nothing more than geography.

We have watched over the last few decades as schools in America continue to get worse.  School administrators demand more and more money.  School bureaucracies grow.  All kinds of programs, except educational programs grow.  School administrators who run failing schools are invariably promoted, unless they commit a felony on the job.  Even then in some place like Chicago or Detroit, that is not necessarily a disqualifier.

Education in America is never going to improve until the government monopoly on education is broken.

Conservatives need to insist that the modern educational disaster be dismantled.  Only when we provide a free market solution to education will we see every child in America educated.

How do we do that?

Vouchers.  Give every American child a voucher to go to the school of their choice.   Spin off every school into a private institution and let them sink or swim.  If a school is horrible, no parent is going to send their child to that school.  Good schools will find ways to attract good students and give them a good education.

The free market will break the tyranny of the socialist school system that has failed America so badly.

Liberals have a perfection standard.  They demand that anything conservatives do must be perfect and if it is not, then the liberal alternative, no matter how bad it is, must be used.

The leftist public school system is not perfect. In fact, it is a total failure.

Let’s simply take the education system apart and start all over.

After all, it is for the children.


The broken Republican Party

October 24, 2013 — 1 Comment

Just in case anyone had any doubts, the Republican Party is officially broken.  It is about to be in the middle of a nasty political divorce.  The only questions now are when and who will end up with the China.

What has happened?

For years there has been an uneasy truce within the Republican Party between the moderates and the conservatives.  For the most part, the moderates won.  Occasionally conservatives won and usually the moderates did their best to undermine the conservatives.  When moderates won, conservatives were expected to fall into line and support the moderates.  And for the most part they did.Ken_cuccinelli

Nothing demonstrates the break in the Republican Party better than the current governor’s race in Virginia.

In 2009, two Republican moderates cut a deal.  Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling made an agreement.  McDonnell would get the Republican nomination for governor in 2009 and Bolling would get it in 2013.  Virginia governors are limited to one four year term.

Conservatives had other plans.  Conservatives took over the Republican Party of Virginia and instead of having a primary where Democrats could cross over and vote for the moderate, the GOP decided it was going to have a convention.

Bolling knew he could not win with the conservative base in a contest where those casting votes were conservative activists so he dropped out.  According to some reports in Virginia, he has been helping Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe.  McAuliffe has been running commercials featuring a quote by Bolling attacking Ken Cuccinelli.  Bolling has pointedly not said anything to counter that quote and he has pointedly refused to endorse Cuccinelli.

In Washington, conservatives wanted to fight Obama and Obamacare.  The surrender caucus did not.  When conservatives created the fight, the surrender caucus did what it does best and it surrendered.   It stabbed conservatives in the back and then surrendered to the Obama Regime.

In an amusing editorial on Fox News’ website, moderate Texas Senator John Cornyn called for “party unity” against Obama and Obamacare.

Where was he when Ted Cruz was fighting Obama and Obamacare?

He was stabbing Cruz in the back.

Perhaps Cornyn has never heard the expression, “PUMA.”

That stands for, “Party unity my ass.”

The moderates in the Party are unwilling to fight Democrats but are very willing to fight conservatives.  Conservatives have not been willing to fight back, until now.