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Let’s (not) go Brandon

There is electricity in the air.  Conservatives and Republicans are energized.  Democrats are depressed and heading for the exits before the crushing red wave next year.  Conservatives are excited because, after next year’s elections, the Republicans will push a conservative agenda against Biden…. Continue Reading →

The last Christmas?

            My Christmas decorations are up.  I’m streaming Christmas music.  The season is in the air.  I’m going to enjoy this season. Perhaps it is because of the cardiac event I had a few weeks ago that I was lucky to survive.  Or maybe it… Continue Reading →

A Chinese solution to their debt crisis?

China’s debt crisis is getting worse and still has a long way to go. How will China escape this economic disaster? If I had to put money on it, I’d guess they choose the worst possible option. China could nationalize… Continue Reading →

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