Political Chess

Politics is like a good game of chess. You try to anticipate your opponent’s moves and you try to lead them into a trap.

Republicans generally do not play political chess well. They just don’t have the killer instinct and lust for power the Democrats do.  But there is a hot button issue right now that the Republicans could play on that would drive the Democrats crazy and make them look really bad.

This week, the “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh was released from federal prison.  Lindh was captured in 2001 in Afghanistan, where the Islamic convert had gone to help with jihad.  After he was captured, he refused to tell Americans that a violent uprising was planned and hours after he was interviewed, that uprising took place. An America CIA agent, Johnny “Mike” Span, was killed.  

Lindh was charged with his conspiracy to murder Americans and supporting a terrorist organization.  He eventually pled guilty to lesser charges and got a twenty-year sentence.  After seventeen years, Lindh was released.

Many Americans were outraged when Lindh was offered a plea bargain, instead of having him stand trial to face a life sentence or possibly even the death penalty. Now, many are outraged that he has been released and is apparently unrepentant.

Republicans do have a great opportunity to score some political points here.  Republicans in the House of Representatives should file a bill to strip Lindh of his American citizenship.  

The Democrat Party has gone off the rails as it goes far left.  They will reflexively fight anything the Republicans do.  

For the Republicans, this would be a great move.  At the worst, the Democrats get smart, go silent and Lindh could be stripped of his citizenship and deported to Ireland, where he has dual citizenship.  

America hating terrorists might be popular in left wing, hipster coffee houses, but in the rest of the country, Americans want to know why this guy is still breathing.   For the Republicans, the commercials that could come out of this for the 2020 election are priceless.  

It is a game of chess. 

Will the Republicans play?