Three years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. 

The diagnosis and fight have been bad enough.  What is worse is the insurance fight.

After the Democrats passed the laughably called “Affordable Care Act,” prices skyrocketed.  Where before, I could afford a pretty good policy, with very reasonable deductibles.  After Obamacare began to take effect, just keeping any type of insurance became a major difficulty.

The has always screamed about having health insurance for everyone.  Perhaps that is our first clue that the real problem is insurance.  

The free market delivers the best services and products at the least price.  Hundreds of years of the free market have proved that over and over again.  

The problem with insurance is that it destroys the free market.  No consumer covered by insurance even asks about the cost of a medical procedure or treatment. The only issues they are concerned about are the copay and the deductible.   Doctors do not advertise prices, unless they are involved in a specialty that is not covered by insurance.  

Insurance companies set the prices that they pay, and doctors are forced to accept those prices. 

What happens when there is competition?

LASIK is a great example of medical services without the distortion of insurance.  When LASIK first came out, it cost tens of thousands per eye.   Now it is only hundreds of dollars per eye and the doctor will finance the procedure.  

Leftists love central planning.  That is why the left loves insurance. It is just another form of central planning. 

If we want to make healthcare truly affordable, the first step that needs to be done is to abolish insurance.  Do away with it with the possible exception of catastrophic care.   

If we let the market work, healthcare can become so affordable that someone working at a fast food restaurant can afford healthcare easily.