I have liberal friends and we have an unspoken agreement.  We don’t discuss politics. We will discuss other things of interest, but we leave politics alone.

While I like my friends, I hate the left. I hate liberal politicians; I hate liberal activists and I hate liberal groups.  

Hate is a pretty strong word. But hate is justified.  

Why hate?

It is because the left is either willfully ignorant of what they are doing and what they want, or they are simply evil. For a majority of them, I lean towards the later.

There are 194 countries in this world. And if you look at the present state of the world and the history of the last couple of millennia, something becomes obvious.  Prosperity and freedom are the exceptions.  Poverty and tyranny are the default.

Instead of embracing the ideas that made this nation free and made this nation prosperous, the left wants to do the exact same thing that dozens of failed, bankrupt regimes have done in the last century.

Of the 194 nations on this earth, how many are free and prosperous?  

The Heritage Foundation has a yearly ranking of economically free nations.   Out of 194 nations, Heritage ranks just six of them as free.  Just six. Another twenty-nine are considered “mostly free.”  It goes downhill from there.

The World Population Review has its list of free countries as well. The top twenty include nations the left hates, such as the United States, European countries and Australia. Amazingly enough, the nations that the left loves, are not included.  Cuba doesn’t make the list, Neither does China, Venezuela nor is there even a mention of their favorite country, the old Soviet Union.

The brand of government the left favors has failed everywhere it has been tried. The results of socialism are always poverty, tyranny and often mass murder.  

The cause of the day for the left in America now is “Medicare for All.”    Medicare for all is just the latest name they have attached to single payer healthcare.  Single payer is a disaster everywhere it has been tried. The free market efficiently allocates resources. All the government can do is ration. That means if you or your procedure are not considered a priority, you wait. You wait even if you are in agony or even if a curable disease will cause your death.

A recent study by the Rand corporationshowed that patients with private health insurance plans paid 240% more for expenses at hospitals than patients on Medicare. Is Medicare more efficient? 

Hell no.

The government just sets its prices and the hospitals have to make it up by charging plans that will pay more.

What happens when those plans are no longer around?

Anyone with three functioning brain cells can figure that out.

So why can’t liberals figure that out?

If the left had its way, freedom, liberty and prosperity would be eliminated in the United States. The United States will fall back to the default of poverty and tyranny. 

Isn’t that enough reason to hate the left?