In 2014, something amazing happened.

House Majority Leader and Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor was speeding along to what everyone thought would be an easy reelection.   His opponent was a little known college professor named Dave Brat.

Brat was outspent, over $1000 to $1.

I was on the ground in Virginia in 2014 and I knew something the experts did not know. They were all wrong and Dave Brat was going to beat Eric Cantor.

Cantor was the heir apparent to be the next Speaker of the House.  He was also a target of conservatives, who were tired of the establishment selling them out.  Brat beat Cantor and the rest is history.

2018 may be another Virginia revolution against the establishment.  Two of the worst Republican may be replaced by conservatives who support the President.

In Virginia’s 10thDistrict, Barbara Comstock is running scared. Her record is a disaster, as she supports Democrats more than she supports a Republican President. Shak Hill is a decorated Air Force veteran, who supports the President.

In Virginia’s 2ndCongressional District, the incumbent is Scott Taylor. Taylor is a globalist, anti-Trumper.  He is opposed by Mary Jones, who supports the President.

Both Comstock and Taylor are proof that just because someone has an “R” behind their name, doesn’t make them a good congressman.  One of the reasons the conservative agenda has been stalled in Congress is because of squishy congressmen.

The weak and wobbly anti-Trump congressmen need to be replaced by real conservatives.

In 2014, Virginia shocked the world when it said no to the establishment’s heir apparent.  In 2018, Virginia is posed to do this again, by elected Shak Hill and Mary Jones.

Virginia needs to send two conservatives into Congress to replace the two congressmen who are more inclined to support Nancy Pelosi than Donald Trump.

Virginia did it in 2014. Tell your friends in Virginia, we need to do it again in 2018.

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