First they came for our social media.

Lidblog has an interesting piece on ten conservative twitter users that were banned for no apparent reason, other than being conservative.

Gab is now crowdsourcing fundraising. Right wing watch, the George Soros funded attack machine, gleefully reports that payment processors (the intermediaries who allow credit card payments) are threatening to cut off services to Gab.  If Gab cannot receive payments, the twitter alternative will probably die.

Across the social media sphere, the same is happening. Conservatives are reporting their sites are being blocked, removed, demonetized or otherwise eliminated.  John Hawkins founded  His site was doing well, until Facebook changed their algorithms and suddenly his site and a lot of other conservative sites suddenly were not getting traffic.  Alex Jones, who is a little or perhaps a lot crazy, saw Paypal cut off his payment system for Infowars and now he is suing.

The left calls this, “deplatforming.”  Documents released from dissidents in Google, for example, show leftists in that organization fully supporting the idea of removing conservatives from the Internet. The would love to see the web, “Konservativ frei.”

The left wants to see the Internet do nothing but praise the far left radicals of the Democrat Party and its related organs, while slandering or simply “disappearing” any reference to conservatives, Republicans or what a lot of us call, “real Americans.”

Sure, the left hate machine went after Alex Jones first. They’ve mostly deplatformed him.   That is not where they are stopping. They target Breitbart and other conservative news outlets as well.  At least one of Google’s senior search engineers wants to censor Tennessee Congressman and Gubanatorial candidate Marsha Blackburn.

Where does it all go from here?

The left is not going to wake up tomorrow and say, “We’ve gotten rid of Alex Jones. We’re happy now.”

No, they will not stop. When the left has an idea that works, they keep pushing it. What will be next? Will the credit card companies start denying cards to real Americans just because they are conservative? What other services will these companies start deciding who gets, based no their political beliefs?

Let’s face it. Alex Jones is a schmuck.  Who listens to infowars? I don’t.  But that isn’t the point. The point is, he was the test case. The left is moving in a coordinated action to deplatform all conservatives. They will never be happy until the United States is a single party, socialist dictatorship.

They are coming for our social media first.

It won’t end there.