On January 25, 2019, the FBI assembled a task force, complete with twenty some odd agents, armed with automatic weapons and body armor to go after a dangerous fugitive.  The went to the man’s house and knocked on his door.

They came face to face with an unarmed 66 year old man, in pajamas wearing glasses.

It was political operative Roger Stone.  

And while the FBI arrested Stone on a sealed indictment, a CNN camera crew just happened to be nearby to record the whole thing.

Why did Roger Stone rate the kind of force usually reserved for drug kingpins and terror suspects?

When the grand jury indicted Roger Stone, the Special Prosecutor’s office filed a motion to have the indictment sealed until it could be served on Stone (I.E. he was arrested). The motion stated:

Law enforcement believes that publicity resulting from disclosure of the Indictment and related materials on the public record prior to arrest will increase the risk of the defendant fleeing and destroying (or tampering with) evidence. It is therefore essential that any information concerning the pending indictment in this district be kept sealed prior to the defendant’s arrest.

Roger Stone has a seven-count indictment.  They are obstructing a government proceeding, five counts of making false statements to the House Intelligence Committee and a final count of witness tampering. 

Let’s stop and think about the rationale the Mueller team of Democrat Prosecutors used. The indictment had to remain secret because Stone might flee, or Stone might destroy evidence.

Stone has been egging Mueller on for well over a year.  He has repeatedly said he expected to be indicted.  He had plenty of time to flee if that was his plan.  

Crimes are by definition something that occurred before the indictment.  But how would Stone tamper with the crimes he is accused of?

Unless Stone has a time machine, he cannot go back and erase the allegedly false statements he made. He cannot go back and prevent the statements that allegedly constitute witness tampering.

Stone was taken into custody, appeared before a federal magistrate and released on a signature bond. In other words, he was such a threat that the government did not try to hold him in jail until his trial.

In most white collar cases, the defendant’s attorney is called up, given a time to bring the client in for surrender and do the perp walk.  

Why not here?

The answer is simple. Mueller and his team of Democrat Prosecutors are using storm trooper tactics against anyone who stands up to them.  After cooperating with the Democrat Prosecutors for months, Paul Manafort had his home raided early one morning on what is known as a “no-knock” warrant.  He and his wife were confronted, while still in bed, by federal agents with guns drawn.

The common factor here is both men would not turn on President Trump.  So the Democrat Prosecutors decided to use tactics worthy of their heroes, the KGB.

Robert Mueller was originally given the Special Prosecutor job because Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, recused himself. Sessions is gone. There is no reason why the Special Prosecutor needs to exist. With no conflict in the Justice Department, this “investigation” can and should be handled by prosecutors in that department. 

It is long past time to end the Mueller charade and put his team of Democrat Prosecutors back into the unemployment line.

3 thoughts on “Roger Stone and the jack booted thugs

  1. At least two months prior to the midterms, Mueller should have been informed that unless he could present any substantive evidence of Trump-Russia collusion to the SCOTUS, he must shut down his “witch hunt” and issue his report within 30 days; and if he did not comply with that deadline, all funding for him and his troop of Trump-hating Democrats would cease.

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