In four months, Tennesseans will go to the polls and select the Republican nominee to be governor of this state.  The Primary will decide the governor’s race.  It doesn’t matter who the Democrats nominate, because they are not going to win.

It does matter who the Republicans nominate.

There is only one choice on the Republican side. There is only one conservative option. That is Diane Black.

The GOP field consists of Congressman Black, liberal Randy “La Raza” Boyd, Bill Lee and Beth “tax hike” Harwell.  None of them are conservative.  Randy Boyd is the choice of the Haslam wing of the party. The eight years of Bill Haslam have been nothing short of a disaster.  Haslam has governed to the left of the Democrats.

Bill Lee does nothing but talk about how his wife died and he had to raise his children without her. That is noble but that does not make him a conservative.  When asked a few months ago about the Haslam tax hike, Lee called it, “water under the bridge.” He certainly will not cut taxes or spending.

Beth Harwell carried the water for the Haslam tax hike. She ran the bill through the House and rewarded members of the House who supported the tax hike.  She is no conservative.

Diane Black has taken on Planned Parenthood in DC.  She has also taken on the IRS.  IRS reform is an issue I have worked on for several years.  Earlier this year, she and Congressman Peter Roskam introduced the Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act, to prevent the IRS from using and sharing data about donors to conservative groups.

Congressman Black did not have to get into this fight. She was running for governor and could have taken a pass.  She stood on principle.  She has been presented with the Award for Conservative Excellence from the American Conservative Union.  President Trump supports Diane Black.

Some conservatives don’t like Diane Black. Much of this has to do with prior races.  In 2016, I stood against Diane Black in her race with my friend Joe Carr.  Politics is about looking to the future, not looking to the past and Diane Black has earned my support.

I endorse Diane Black to be Tennessee’s next governor and I encourage conservatives in this state to rally around her and support her.


2 thoughts on “Diane Black for Tennessee

  1. I am curious why Congresswoman Black never got back to me about a bill I wrote and sent to her for review to make elder abuse across state lines a crime punishable under the cloak of the DOJ along with the ADA and Civil Rights Acts? I sent the bill to President Trump and Sue Collins committee on aging and both said it was a bill that was long overdue, but I needed to get a sponsor in both house to get it to the floor. As a 40 plus year citizen legislator the protocol is to send it to your local reps first. If they turn it down then you are free to shop it but nobody from her office ever got back to em. We seniors vote. We elected Trump. When the going got tough we got going and we need to get this bill sponsored and to the floor. It would have gone a long way with the growing senior conservative population in this state had she sponsored it or given me some advice on who to send it to? I have concerns since now I have to go to DC and knock on doors to get sponsors poste haste to get this run next session. I would love to tell my fellow Tennessee Americans she recommended sponsors to me or anything positive about this growing national problem that is being swept under the table and us boomers who fought to preserve our liberty and freedom are being thrown under the bus. Thanks for your time and good campaigning. Hope to see everyone in DC with the blessings of Congresswoman Black. God speed, a concerned victim to 3 years of interstate elder abuse.

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